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Best Laptops for Gaming and Work in 2022

Compact gaming laptops are a great solution for anyone who wants to keep working and gaming while on the go. This guide explains some of the key features you have to consider before you buy a gaming laptop for work, as well as some of the best models we’ve tested.

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Laptops with Intel Arc Graphics Card (Updated March 2022)

Laptops with the new Intel Arc GPU are coming March 2022. Alchemist is based on Intel’s Xe HPG architecture, which is a variation of latest generation GPU design Intel Xe equipped with hardware-based ray tracing capabilities and DirectX 12 Ultimate.

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Laptops with Full HD 1080p webcam

Despite the home office and video conferencing boom the web cameras of almost all laptops have not changed much. Usually you get a 720p webcam with poor resolution, weak contrast and burnt-out background.

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Laptops without webcam – Models with 2021 Intel and Ryzen CPUs

Lack of a webcam may be a deal breaker for many people, but there are those who like their laptops without one. Usually these people are concerned about their privacy, want narrow bezels and thin display profiles, or just prefer the quality of the external models.

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Laptops with HDMI 2.1 output for 4K 120 Hz TV

In this article we talk about laptops with HDMI 2.1 support. This new standard is perfect for content creators and gamers who want to use 10 bit RGB (HDR-10) color at 4K with 120 or 144 Hz refresh rate.

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Best TVs with DisplayPort

TV models with DisplayPort, low input lag, and refresh rate of 120+ Hz are a perfect solution for gaming to the living room. Check out our short review about these five excellent models t

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Best place to buy refurbished laptops in 2021

There are hundreds of places to buy a consumer, business, and gaming refurbished laptops, but sites listed in our guide have some form of buyer protection, and are the best in terms of warranty, availability, and price.

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Guide to Computer Ports and Connectors

This is our guide to most popular computer ports – USB versions, Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, DisplayPort, etc. The article will give you the basic understanding everybody needs to have.

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Dell Outlet and Dell Refurbished Guide (FAQ)

For cheap refurbished desktops, laptops, and workstations made by Dell, you have the option to skip the all third party retailers and go directly to the source – with either or

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The Difference between Refurbished, Certified, Renewed, and Off Lease

When you are looking for refurbished computer, you often see the terms certified, renewed, off-lease in product descriptions and product specifications; and you wonder – are they the same?

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