Large Language Model Databse - Hardware requirements and Specs

Centralized LLM database detailing various model specifications and hardware requirements, streamlining the selection for local inference.

The Handy Language Model Database

There are a staggering number of large language models out there now. It can be incredibly challenging to make sense of all the options and pick the right model for your needs.

That’s why we assembled this handy database – to simplify the process of selecting an large language model. We’ve compiled the key details on models – their parameters, specializations, file formats, hardware requirements, and more.

Whether you need a model for creative writing or coding, require uncensored capabilities, or have hardware limitations – this database can help you identify the optimal choice. It highlights the unique strengths of different models and provides their hardware specs in simplified form.

We’re continually updating as new models and information emerge, so you can stay on top of the latest advancements. This database aims to save you time by putting all the critical data in one spot, allowing you to select and install an LLM aligned to your specific needs.

Models Featured in the LLM Database

The LLM database predominantly consists of models like LLaMA, Llama-2, and Mistral, and their respective fine-tuens and merges. Additionally, it includes other foundational models such as Yi, DeepSeek, and Falcon, each offering unique strengths to the field of natural language processing and AI.