Common Desktop Hardware Problems and Their Solutions

These guides are collection of the most common hardware related PC problems and their solutions. We explain how to approach the issues systematically in order to troubleshoot them successfully. First we describe each error and how to identify the underlying cause. Then we present a possible solution. The guides follow a step-by-step approach and don’t use any expensive tools or complex software.

My desktop computer turns on for a brief moment but then shuts down immediately. What should I do?

You’ve just built your new PC and now it doesn’t start. You press the power button, the fans spin for a second, and then the PC tuns off. The first thing you should do is check the debug LED lights on the motherboard and then…

My computer does not turn on at all. What should I do to fix the problem?

This is a common problem when the issue involves the motherboard or the power supply unit. There are a couple of steps you can take to find and solve the problem. First and foremost clear the…

My computer does not start after installing a new memory modules and does not recognize the correct amount of RAM

The most important first step to resolve this problem is to check whether all RAM modules are properly placed. Booths sides of each memory module must click and…

How to diagnose slow computer during gaming (hardware related problems)

Here are some tips to improve your PC gaming experience if you’re feeling your performance is too slow while gaming and you’ve tried every software trick you can think of.