About us

HardwareCorner.net is the largest site covering refurbished computers and refurbished computer components. Our goal is to advice the consumer about the benefits of refurbished electronics.

With our reviews and comparisons, we provide decisive support for buying the best possible products at the best possible price.

We provide useful practical tips and instructions on how to choose, care, and enjoy your computer hardware.

We cover large area of ​​digital technologies – from laptops, desktop GPU, CPU, computer peripherals to personal electronic devices.

How do we test

In our test center, we try to asses as many devices as possible and present the result to our readers. Where this in not possible, we try to make thorough research about each model. We read trough thousands user opinions to capture all possible angles of what makes one product good.

Our authors follow the latest technical developments with great commitment, to be able the capture the pros and cons between refurbished and new electronics.

We collaborate with other specialist in the field of computer hardware, so that we are able to deliver a fresh view on multitude of topics.

Where can you find us?

If you have suggestions or you need technical support regarding refurbished computers or computer hardware in general – use our email. Please send us your questions and suggestions to [email protected]