Allan Witt

Co-founder and editor in chief of

Computers and the web have fascinated me since I was a child. In 2011 started training as an IT specialist in a medium-sized company and started a blog at the same time. I really enjoy blogging about tech.

After successfully completing my training, I worked as a system administrator in the same company for two years.

As a part-time job, I started building custom gaming PCs at local hardware shop. The desire to build PCs full-time grew stronger and stronger, and now this is my full time job.

My passion for computers doesn’t just stop at building custom gaming PCs – I also loves to tinker with pre-built computers and optimize them to make them better. My experience in servicing pre-built computers has given me a unique perspective on how to improve their performance. I try to share my best findings with the readers of

I try to break down complex technical concepts into easy-to-understand terms for our readers readers looking to upgrade their existing computers or build a custom PC from scratch.

You can find me on our official Twitter page or drop me a message at [email protected]

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