Are refurbished laptops a good buy?


Refurbished laptops are good solution for lots of use cases. Paired with warranty makes them a safe purchase. If properly refurbished laptops will last long time and work as new. You can definitely trust a refurbished devices for your every day work.

We think that owning a slightly older, high-end quality product instead of new consumer line garbage is a good trade off.

The best value for the money lies within the business segment. Enterprise laptops are made for heavy use within big companies. That’s why most of the time the best offers are refurbished off-lease devices.

Unlike modern consumer models, the enterprise class has high-end specs and better components.

For a refurbished laptop with a decent built and long life you have a couple of options:

  • For general everyday use or student work – aim for business class
  • For gaming – focus on gamer targeted models and workstations
  • For professional use (CAD or Photo editing) – consider more specialized workstation models