CPU For Dell Inspiron 1524 / 1525. How to Upgrade.


dell inspiron 1524 1525 inside view with cpu removed and placed to the side

If you’re looking to give your old Inspiron 1524 / 1525 a performance boost, upgrading the processor is a great place to start. While you may not be aiming for top-of-the-line performance, adding a new processor can make a significant difference in the speed and capabilities of your computer. 

And with many Core 2 Duo processors available for cheap on sites like eBay, the cost of the upgrade is often less than a fast food lunch. 

For example, you can find a T7800 for cheap on eBay. So if you’ve already made other upgrades to your Inspiron 1525 and are looking for that final step to improve its performance, a processor upgrade might be just what you need.

What CPU to use with Dell Inspiron 1524 and 1525

If you have an Inspiron model with a less powerful processor, such as the Intel T2330 1.60GHz, upgrading the CPU could be a smart move that will allow you to continue using the computer even in 2023.

The laptop can use Socket P. Compatible Processor, supporting  models like Dual-Core T2370, T2390, and T4200, or Intel Core 2 Duo T5250, T5750, T7250, and T8300

One good option is the Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 2.0 GHz / 4M T7300 Mobile Processor. It’s super cheap, around $5, and it works perfectly. 

The highest you can go in terms of CPU is Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 2.6 GHz / 4MB  T9500. The model goes for around $30 on second hand sites.

t9500 mobile processor

T9500 Mobile Processor

When considering a processor upgrade, it’s important to balance price and performance. While you can find cheaper chips that might not offer as much of a performance boost, or faster chips that might not make much difference given the limitations of the rest of the board, the T7300 strikes a good balance between price and performance. 

Keep in mind that while the Inspiron 1524 / 1525 is a reliable workhorse, it has its limits, and the HDMI port and availability of cheap spare parts are a saving grace. 

To get the most out of your 1525 / 1524, you should start by maxing out the memory and adding an SSD (a cheap 250GB SSD should suffice).

crucial mx500 2tb 3d nand sata 2.5-inch

Crucial MC500 2 TB is another possible upgrade to speed up your Inspiron

While all of the other devices on your Inspiron should be functioning properly as indicated in the device manager, the Wi-Fi driver may require manual installation.

If you’re using an Inspiron with the Dell 1395 WLAN, you may need to download and install the v. driver manually in order to get the best performance from your wireless connection. 

How to change the CPU of Dell Inspiron 1524 and 1525

To install a new CPU in a Dell Inspiron 1525 do the following:

  • Shut down the computer and unplug the power source cable.
  • Remove the battery and any external devices.
  • Unscrew the back panel and lift it. You will see the CPU heatsink.
  • Unscrew the heatsink
  • Lift the heatsink off of the CPU socket to expose the old CPU.
  • The CPU is locked with a screw. Unlock it with a single counterclockwise turn.
  • Remove the old CPU from the socket.
  • Apply thermal paste to the new CPU
  • Turn the heatsink upside down and remove the old thermal paste and apply a new one. 
  • Carefully align the pins on the new CPU with the holes in the socket.
  • Place the CPU down into the socket until it is seated.
  • Lock the CPU with the lock screw – clockwise
  • Place the heat sink and secure it in place.
  • Close the back panel, slot the battery, and the other external devices.
  • The new CPU should now be installed and ready to use.

Keep in mind that handling CPUs can be delicate task. It is important to handle them carefully to avoid damage.