Is warranty on secondhand and refurbished computers transferable?


The warranty is a voluntary service offered by the manufacturer; the manufacturer regulates all the conditions regarding warranty transfer. Therefore, you always have to check with the manufacturer to see what the warranty conditions are.

There are manufacturers who grant the warranty only to the first buyer and bind the warranty with a name, and there are those who bind the warranty with the product.

Lest see some manufactures and their transfer policies:

Lenovo warranty transfer policy

Lenovo ties their warranty to the device and not the owner. Claiming a warranty on a second hand refurbished laptop or desktop is possible.

However, for refurbished computers you must check if system can be serviced in your country. You can determine that based on product type via the Lenovo support page.

Dell warranty transfer policy

Dell binds their warranty with name and contact of the original byer. Make sure you ask the seller to transfer the ownership of laptop onto you name. If you don’t have the original buyer contact info, Dell will not respond to your queries. However, they will contact the original owner for transfer approval.

HP warranty transfer policy

HP has the option of warranty transfer. The best way is to arrange with previous for a warranty transfer to your name. The second option is to factory rested and reregister the device to transfer the warranty.

Apple warranty transfer policy

Apple’s the warranty is tied to the device, and not the owner. They will honor the warranty for secondhand and refurbished devices. No receipt is required, only the device serial number.

You can use Apple’s check coverage service  web pate to see the warranty status.