The meaning of refurbished computer


Refurbished laptop or desktop computer means a device that has been returned to the manufacturer because of an issue – either hardware or other. It is then tested for defects, repaired, reinstalled with fresh OS, and finally sold for a lower price.

Refurbished devices come from various places, but most common being:

  • Any return during the warranty period due to some hardware or structural defect
  • Open-box returns
  • Cancelled orders
  • Demo models
  • Devices damaged during delivery
  • Recalls
  • Off-lease computers return at the end of their cycle

What is the actual process of refurbishment?

After receiving the computer, the manufacturer or the dealer starts the process of renewing.

They check the body for outside structural damage – dents, chips, scuffs or scratches. Then they inspect the screen for spots and scratches. A grade is assigned, according to some grading system.

Demo models or damaged models receive fresh packaging and updated housing elements.

If there are hardware problems, they are corrected. Recalled defective batches go through a process of replacing the failed components with new working parts. After successful tests are passed, the unit is cleaned, repackaged and sold as refurbished.