What is refurbished grading: Grade A, B, and C explained


The grading of refurbished computers corresponds the overall look of the machine and its esthetics, and not so much to its final working potential. Computer with no visible damage receive a higher grade.

The grading system is not uniform and varies from seller to seller. Overall, it is a good starting point for how to distinguish among models sold by one specific retailer.

Refurbished computers, grading system

Grade Description
Grade A The units are comparable to new. No damages to the body. Here you will see no scratches or spots on the display and no dents on the chassis.

Perfect visual condition. Esthetics similar to a new model

Grade A- Good visible condition – normal signs of use on the body. Minor scratches possible.

Screen – no dead pixels, blemishes or scratches.

Similar to Grade A, but with minor visible imperfections.

Grade B Can have limited dents, chips or scuffs on the body. The keyboard is not in perfect condition. There may be shiny spots on the keys.

The display may have light scratches.

Grade C Spots and scratches on the display.

Visibly worn out body with scratches, dents and scuffs.