Best place buy refurbished computer


Best places to buy certified refurbished laptops and desktops computers are at the major retailer and online stores. The official manufacturer store is another good option. There you get more expensive but properly serviced devices with good warranty. Third place you can get one is form third party seller, either on eBay or on their website.

Dell refurbished

Dell Refurbished is a division that sells off-lease laptops used by companies for 24 to 36 months. At the end of the period, these computers are returned, tested, renewed and sold as refurbished.

Dell Refurbished sells Grade-A systems with minor cosmetic blemishes.

Dell outlet

The Outlet store sells slightly or not used refurbished computers. Most of them are Dell’s most current generation products.

Types of inventory sold on Dell Outlet:

  • Certified Refurbished PCs – returned and tested laptops; some signs of use;
  • Previously Ordered New – canceled orders; systems that are not used;
  • Scratched and Dented products – used machines with cosmetic blemishes; no damages to screen, keyboard, touchpad or palm rest;

Big chunk of the systems sold there are as-good-as-new and carry the original warranty.

Apple Refurbished

Apple refurbished sells only models from the latest Mac generation. The device will be “like new” with all the original parts, accessories, cables and OS. The warranty runs for 1 year with 14 days return policy.

Old classics like the MacBook Pro Retina 2012-2015 are not available there.  If you want one, you have to settle for a third-party retailer.

Lenovo Outlet

On Lenovo’s outlet site, you will find new, refurbished, and scratch and dent offers from the popular ThinkPad (business-class) and IdeaPad series, as well as desktop systems.

All the models are factory refurbished with a one-year standard warranty.

You can land a nice discount there – from 15% to 50%.

Even high-end workstations like the Think Pad P72 can be substantially discounted.

Acer Outlet

Similar to Lenovo, Acer is going with their full product rage – laptops, desktops, displays and tablets.

They organize their refurbished catalog around three main quality categories – open-box, refurbished-certified and scratch and dent.

All computers come with reinstalled software, power cords, cables, а mouse and а keyboard.

The warranty is between 90 days and 12 months – depending on the type of the unit.

HP Outlet

HP’s re-certified product range consists of laptop and desktop systems available from customer returns, demo units or overstocks.

HP’s own engineering department (according to their testing procedure for new computers) does testing, repair and recertification.

All products have a one-year limited warranty.

There is a slight inconvenience as HP does not offer online purchases and everything is done through the phone.

Amazon Renewed

Products on Amazon Renewed are either used or unused products, which are refurbished to a “new-like” working condition by qualified suppliers.

These products are customer returns, open-boxes or damaged products.

Third-party suppliers complete the renewing process. They inspect, test and clean the devices, before repackaging them.

Amazon backs the renewed computers with a 90-day warranty.

Be careful with products sold by third party sellers on Amazon; the quality of work may not be the same as the one performed by the manufacturer.

Best Buy Outlet

Among all the sellers, Best Buy offers the largest product catalog of refurbished products. There is a huge selection of models from all brands, ranging from 2011 to nowadays.

Refurbished products are classified into three categories – manufacturer certified, certified only and refurbished only. On the site there is additional refinement by the type of the system – new, open-box, refurbished and pre-owned.

Their warranty depends on the conditions of the refurbished product and ranges from 90 days to18 months.


Microsoft does not have a refurbishing program but works with third party certified refurbishers.

Although they sell refurbished Surface laptops on their site, the actual specifics of the renewing process are unknown.

The warranty on all Surface and Surface Pro units is one-year limited.


Newegg is one of the largest hardware and consumer electronic stores in the world and as such they have a large catalog of refurbished offers.

There is a large spectrum of brands and models sold by Newegg and their third party sellers.

Currently only Newegg offers manufacturer certified computers,  so be careful when buying from other stores within the site.