Is it worth investing in top of the line computer hardware to be future proof?


An investment in hardware that you don’t need is rarely worth. If you are sure that a certain interface, аmount of RAM, CPU or GPU performance will definitely be required in the a near future, then by all means buy it. In most cases, however, buying something just because you might needed it at some point in the future, turns out to be a bad investment later.

If you want a system that is a long-lasting, without wasting lots of money, you should think carefully about the exact requirements and plan your system accordingly. One component worth investing is the motherboard. Try to assemble your system with a model that will support the next generation CPUs. This way you will be be able to upgrade later if needed.

Regardless of the use case, it is definitely worth investing a little more money in a good power supply and a good case, as these two components are often used even after upgrade.

Here are a few PSU suggestions:

  • Super Flower Leadex III Gold 550W
  • EVGA 600 BR
  • EVGA 220-GA-0750-X1 Super Nova 750
  • Corsair CX 750 W

And some case suggestions:

  • Thermaltake H17
  • Silverstone RL06 ATX Mid Tower Case
  • NZXT H500
  • Meshify C

We should note that even cheaper chassis, if cared, can last a long time. But if you are going to keep the system for a longer run and make upgrades often, you can enjoy a good desktop case.

Good power supply is essential for the stability of the system. With a better power supply unit, the risk of failure is lower. As a nice bonus is the efficiency.

Missing interfaces on the motherboard, faster GPU, additional RAM can easily be both later and on a better price.

Buying a faster CPU or a fast graphics card just because the performance may be needed is not always the best approach. The widespread opinion that a PC with a faster CPU always runs faster is unfortunately not true either. Usually the system is bottlenecked some place else – usually with storage or RAM. If you need more power you can always upgrade later.